I come from a long lineage of amazing and humble story tellers: both grandpas, my father, Uncle James, and my brother. We are a melting pot collection of the sophisticated hillbilly: German, Irish, English, and Cherokee! Our good looks come from the Cherokee side ;)  You might say that story telling has always been in my roots.
For as long as I can remember, ever since I was able to talk, smile, and laugh ~ I have carried on these family traditions. It's always been in my nature to want to share the gift of an intriguing story, especially when it warms a heart, or leaves the person in shocking amusement!  

Needless to say, I'm an extremely creative writer with hundreds of stories to tell!  I also love to share my digital photo art. I think it pulls the reader in to the vibe of the story...
I've written several children's books throughout the years that you'll now see popping up into the wonderful world of ebooks.  My latest, "The Little Moon Kite" is a wonderful, heartwarming story for all ages in beautiful water color.  You can find it on iBooks.  After reformatting for all devices and tablets, I should have it resubmitted January 2016 : Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords,etc.

I must admit, I had a total blast writing the true-life event collection of short stories: "Have A FedExcellent Day!", available everywhere!  It's my family tradition come true = the shock factor! A Humorous, Terrifying, Thrill Ride with a FedEx man on the job and his encounters with the adorable family pooch! 

I'm grateful to have my wonderful wife, family, and friends supporting me throughout my journey!

Henry David Scott

Author Henry David Scott has been writing books for all ages for decades now!  He is extremely excited to share his inspiring, creative works in the ebook industry with Henry House Publishing.